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Enjoy the unique experience of living in the past with this secluded waterfront property. The house sleeps 8 with a king bed bedroom on the main floor looking out at the lake with a full bath. Cozy living room upstairs and full kitchen with all appliances including dishwasher. Downstairs is divided into 2 separate rooms with 2 double beds in one room and 2 bunk sets in the other room. Washer and dryer in the basement and TV with internet connection. The deck on the back side of the house still has great lake views and will comfortably fit everyone. In the front is a great firepit area where everyone can sit around and enjoy the summer evenings with a great view of the lake

This property shares a great dock with neighboring cabin and has 2 boat moorings. It's off the main road so you will enjoy peace and quiet and great views of Copper Island.

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